Insight was started by a gym owner who was tired of getting scammed by his billing company. Although they would quote a monthly price plus a percentage for billing services, they were actually taking even more by forcing him to use their ridiculously priced merchant account (meaning that they were charging another 4-5% on top of their quoted monthly fee and percentage).

It’s one of our core missions to make sure that that business model goes away. We’re doing our part providing absolutely straightforward and transparent pricing. We charge a flat monthly fee only. We do not charge any percentages. Finally, we allow you to use your own merchant account. We do not require you to use us for merchant processing and we do not force you to use any mid-level ISO’s (merchant processing brokers) that we get a kickback from.

You can view our pricing at the following page. You will only pay what is show under our monthly plan amounts and the startup fee:

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