PayPal Payments Pro

Please Note: PayPal Payments Pro is not the same as a regular PayPal account. A Payments Pro account is requires additional information and underwriting by PayPal. Please be sure that you have a PayPal Payment Pro account as a regular PayPal account will not work.


Insight will work seamlessly with PayPal once you’ve entered your PayPal Payments Pro API settings into your Insight payment gateway configuration. Getting your PayPal Payments Pro API credentials is slightly convoluted, but we’ve prepared step-by-step instructions for you:

PayPal login screen


Start by visiting the PayPal website and logging into your PayPal account (see picture above).

PayPal selling tools link

Select the My Selling Tools menu from the Profile main menu option (see picture above).

PayPal API access

Click on the Update link in the API access row (see picture above). The API access row is under the Selling online heading, you may be required to click the plus sign next to Selling online in order to expand the API access row.

request PayPal credentials

You should see two large option boxes. You want Option 2; click on the Request API credentials link in the Option 2 box (see picture above).

request PayPal API signature

Check the Request API signature radio button and then click on the Agree and Submit button at the bottom of the screen (see picture above).

PayPal API username, password, and signature

After you click on the Agree and Submit button you should finally see your API credentials. You’re almost done. The only thing left to do is to copy these credentials into the Insight payment gateway configuration screen (see picture above).

Do the following from your Gym Insight account:

Click on the location button (house icon), then click settings. Once you're in the setting menu, click on the Gateway tab:

gym insight new payment gateway

Once you're on the payment gateway settings tab, click on the large new payment gateway button:

new PayPal payment gateway

Click on the new paypal gateway button to start entering your PayPal payment gateway credentials.

Your API username, API password, and API signature from your PayPal account have an exact corresponding box on the Insight payment gateway settings screen. Copy and paste your PayPal credentials into Insight and then click the update button:

enter your PayPal API credentials

Once you've entered your PayPal payment gateway API settings into Insight and clicked on the update button, you will get a confirmation screen. 


Your member payments will automatically be processed every day against your PayPal account. Now you can focus on running your business and let Insight worry about collecting payments from your members!

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