With Gym Insight it’s easy to get a comprehensive list of phone numbers: home phone, cell phone, and work phone. Often times this list is needed for a member calling campaign or for text message marketing.

We have a report called New Members which is designed to list all phone numbers for a grouping of members who signed up within a specified time frame. You can, however, use that report to get a list of phone numbers for all of your current members by simply setting the report start date sufficiently in the past.

Start by navigating to the report menu:

Click the home button and select reports.


Next,click the Access Reports tab and scroll down to the New Members report and click on the view report button.

Click the Access Reports tab and click view report under members.

Once you’re on the new members report screen, select the stats, type, and tags. Then, click update.

Select status, type, and tags. Then, click update.

If you will be importing the report into some sort of call campaign system, you can use the export to CSV button at the bottom of the report screen to download the report in a comma separated value format which is suitable for importing into other software:

List of members and phone numbers are shown. You can export the report by clicking the export button at the bottom of the screen.