If you want to know what accounts were billed during a specific time frame you can easily see that information by running the Billing Activity report.


First, click on the home button and select “reports”.

Click the home button and select reports.



This will take you to the Reports page. You will click on the Financial Reports tab.

Click on the Financial Reports tab.



Look for “Billing Activity” and click on view report.

Click on view report under Billing activity.



Next, enter the dates of the timeframe you would like to view and click update. A list of the accounts that were billed during the entered timeframe will be shown.

If you need to print this report, just click print at the bottom.

Enter the date range and click print.



Maybe you need this information in an excel spreadsheet. Not a problem! You can easily export this report into Excel by clicking on the “export to CSV” button.

Click export to CSV to export into Excel.



A message will be shown letting you know that the export has started. Depending how large your report is, the export should not take long at all.

Click on Exported Reports.

A message letting you know the export has started. Click on exported reports.



You will see your report that you exported ready to be downloaded. Just click on download report. Your report will be downloaded to your computer and can be opened with your Excel program.

You will see your report listed and ready to be downloaded. Click download report.