If your club is using our 24-hour access system you probably already know how to add a new key to a member’s account. However, what if you want to assign a key to someone who’s not a member? We call those temporary keys. A few examples of when you would want to use a temporary key rather than adding a member and assigning them a key are:

  • Temporary worker: a painter who will be painting your club for the next week
  • Temporary member: a person who only paid for two weeks at your club but doesn’t want a contract
  • Long term worker: a janitor whose key will work for 6 months at a time (unless you renew it)

Adding a temporary key is easy, just follow these simple steps:

Start by clicking on the Accounts tab at the top of any screen:

Click on accounts in the toolbar.

Next, click the temporary keys button to the right of the account search menu:

Click on temporary keys.

Next, click on the new key button at the bottom of the temporary keys listing:

Click on new key.


Next, enter the details for the temporary key: member's first and last name, key number, date the key will expire, and a descriptio of why the key is being created.

Click save when you have filled in the details.

Enter the information.