Creating a Website Membership is easy with Gym Insight! After signing in to your Gym Insight account, click on the “home” button at the top of the page and select “settings” from the drop menu.

Click the home button and select settings.




This will take you to the Location Settings page. Here you will click on the “Memberships” link to the left of the page. 

Click the memberships link to the left of the page. 



This will show you Memberships Offered On Your Website. To create a membership website, click on the green “new website membership” button.

Click on the new website membership button. 



Next, you will see a form where you can enter the membership information. This is where you can give your membership a title, provide details about the membership, select the contract type, and enter the amount being collected.

The membership information form. Provide the title, details, contract type, and the amount to be collected.




After completing the necessary information, click save! Then you will need to enter your legal terms and conditions when you return to Memberships Offered on Your Website.

After you enter the necessary information, click save.




After clicking save you will return to the Memberships Offered on Your Website, scroll down to the Your Membership Terms and Conditions area. This is where you will enter the legal terms and conditions of your membership. After you enter the necessary information, click the green “update terms and conditions” button.

Add your Terms and Conditions and click the update terms and conditions button.