How to Choose a Guru Theme and View It

How to Choose a Guru Theme and View It


After signing into your Gym Insight account, click on the “home” button at the top of the page and select “settings” from the drop menu.

 Click the home button and select settings.



This will take you to the Location Settings page. Here you will click on the “Memberships” link to the left of the page.

Click on the memberships link on the Location Settings page.



This will show you Memberships Offered On Your Website along with Memberships Website Theme. On this page you can choose from 5 different themes; just click on the one you would like to try.

Click on the theme you would like to use.



You will be able to see an example of the theme after you click on it. If you would like to try another theme, just click the small “x” in corner on the right.

This shows an example of the theme. 



If you like the theme you chose, click the green “click here to apply this theme” button at the bottom. It’s that easy!

Click the click here to apply this theme button to apply the theme.



To see what the theme looks like after you applied it, click your guru link on the Memberships Website Theme page.

Click on your guru link to view the theme in real time.



You will be able to see what your customers see!

You will see what your customers see!