After you install Sales Guru on a smart device, your potential members can easily create a membership on their own!

This article will explain the process of creating a membership using Sales Guru. Steps 1-12 should be completed by the member. Steps 13-14 should be completed by an employee assisting the member.

  1. From the home screen, click on the desired membership.

  2. The Add Members page will display. Confirm the membership your member selected is displayed on the left side of the page. Note: You can cancel and return to the home screen at any time by clicking the X icon in the upper right of the page.

  3. Input the member's First Name, Last Name, and D.O.B (Date of Birth) in the corresponding fields.

  4. Click the in Upload Image box to take a picture of the member for the membership. Note: If prompted, allow to access the camera.

  5. A camera pop-up will appear. Align the camera to get a clear picture of the member's face, and click APPLY. Note: To close the pop-up without taking a picture, click CANCEL.

  6. If desired, crop the photo using the cropping tool. Click APPLY again to return to the New Membership/Add Members page with the picture loaded. Pro-tip: If the member is not happy with their picture and would like to take another one, simply click on the existing picture to repeat the process.

  7. If the member wants to add additional people to their membership, click ADD ANOTHER MEMBER and repeat steps 2-7 for each additional member. Once all members have been added, click NEXT.

  8. The Account Information page will appear. Fill in all the required fields marked by an asterisk *. Then click NEXT. To return to the previous screen, click PREV.

  9. The Contact Information page will appear, input the required information, then click NEXT. Important: the Email Address entered here will be used to send important documents related to the membership, make sure it's correct!

  10. Legal documents new members must sign will appear on the screen. The member needs to review the documents carefully and use their  finger, a stylus, or a mouse to sign. Once a document is signed, click NEXT. Repeat as required for additional legal documents.

  11. The Enter a Payment page will appear. Input payment information, then click Create Membership. Note: you can cancel using the X icon in the upper right of the page or go back using the PREV button in the lower left at any time prior to clicking Create Membership.

  12. A confirmation page will appear and the member will recieve a membership agreement via email. Do NOT close the page.

  13. Take the smart device back from the member and click the key icon.

  14. On the Add Keys and Notes page, enter Member Key Numbers and Additional Notes as required, then click SAVE.

That's it! You have created a new membership account!

You can now, the membership agreement, print the membership agreement, apply payments, view payment history, view members on the account, and view the current balance from the Accounts section of Insight.