This tutorial will show you how to edit a single class for a specific day.


Click on “classes” in the toolbar.

Click on classes in the toolbar.


Your calendar will appear showing you the classes you have scheduled.

Select which class needs to be edited. Remember, this will only edit the class on that day.

A calendar will appear showing the classes that are scheduled.


You will see the “Class Instance Details”. This is showing the details of the class for that day. To edit the class for that day, click on the edit button.

Class Instance Details will appear. Click edit.


“Edit Class Details” will appear and you will be able to change the location, instructor, capacity, class time, or cancel the class. Remember, this will edit the details of this class for that day.


When you change the instructor, the new instructor's name will appear on the class calendar with "sub" next to their name. You can hover your mouse over "sub" to view the original intructor's name.


Click save after you have made your changes.

Once the changes are saved, any members that have reservations for that class will be automatically emailed notifying them of the changes. 

You can make changes to class location, instructor, capacity, class time, or cancel the class. Click save when you are finished.