New and Improved Class Scheduling

New and Improved Class Scheduling by Gym Insight!

Class Scheduling is fully functional, allowing you to schedule, edit, and cancel classes with ease. Your members can now reserve a class by clicking the link you share with them!


Create class schedules.

Create Class Schedules

With Gym Insight, you can create a class schedule that includes class time, instructor, drop-in rate, class capacity, class location, and description.

Click here to learn how to create a class schedule!


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Edit and Cancel Classes

Need to change instructors? Have to switch rooms? Did the class time change? Does the class need to be canceled? No worries! You can make these necessary changes by editing a class.

Click here to learn how to edit your classes!

Click here to learn how to cancel your classes!

Edit a class.Cancel a class.



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Your Members Can Reserve Classes

You can give your members a link to the class calendar allowing them to reserve classes! The link can be found on your Insight account. You can copy and paste this link on your social media, in an email, or onto your website. Members will be able to click the link and login using their social media account or creating a new login. They will be taken directly to the class calendar where they can reserve a class!

Click here to learn where to find your class calendar link!


Members can reserve a class.

Click here to learn how your members can reserve a class!



These improvements are sure to help you run your gym efficiently and keep your members coming back for more!