You may have a member inadvertently create a new account when they already have an account on file.  Perhaps they didn’t realize they had an account already or maybe they forgot their original login information. Whatever happened, you will need to merge the new account that was created with the original account.


To merge the accounts, you will need to search for the member. Both accounts will be listed, you will click on one of them. It is best that when you select an account to make sure it is the new one that was created. If you selected the original account, that’s ok! We will show you how to swap it in this tutorial.

Go into the member screen and click on the “duplicate member” button.

Click duplicate member on the member screen.


This will render a search with your member’s name. Look through the list and find the member that you need to merge with and click select.

Click select next to the member's name.


Here’s where things get interesting!

You will see both accounts on the screen, the new one that was created and the original account. One will be red and one will be green.

The red account will be removed! Having all the information transferred to the green account!

Ideally you will want the new account red and merging into the green original account. If you have the original account as red and the new account as green, just click the “swap members” button.

Once you have the new account as red and the original account as green, click the “combine” button.

Red newly created account. Green original account. Click combine to merge accounts.


Now, the accounts have been merged!

Take a look at the logins and decide which one will be deleted. Just click on the red “x” next to the login.

Click the red "x" next to the login you want to delete.