Every gym owner has access to the class calendar link to display on their website or social media. That link will direct members to a pre-designed, built-in calendar, but you have the option to totally customize that calendar to match the unique atmosphere of your gym!


The class calendar that you display on your website or social media can be customized! All you have to do is go to your class calendar link and click on the “new schedule widget” button.

Click on the home button and select settings.

Select widgets from the menu on the left side in Location Settings.

Click on new schedule widget.


Here is where you can customize your calendar!

You can select or unselect fixed height, choose a background color, primary color, secondary color, row backgrounds color, and select row and column lines. As you select the colors you want, the box will show a sample of the color.

Then, you will click “get snippet” once you’ve filled in all your options.

Enter your color selections and click get snippet.


The code will appear. You will give this code to your web designer who will enter it into the website and your calendar will be displayed.

Click on “back to widgets” to see a list of the widgets you created.

A code will appear. Give it to your web designer. Click back to widgets to see a list of widgets you created.


The widgets you create are listed here.

Click the eye icon to view the code.

Click the pencil to edit your widget.

Click the red “x” to remove the widget.

A list of widgets you created. You can view the code, edit, and remove the widget.