Note: A prerequisite to adding an SMS plan is a valid payment method configured at Home Icon → Settings Billing

Insight users can choose from five different SMS (a.k.a. text message) plans. All SMS plans offer:

  • Direct messaging to customers
  • Group messaging with template variables
  • Automated messaging
  • Area code selection for your "from" number
  • Simple dashboard-based usage history tracking

What's different between SMS plans is the cost per message and over-limit charges. Below is a breakdown of each tier (pricing current as of June 2020, check the in-app table for the most up-to-date pricing).


To select select an SMS plan for your Insight account, follow this process:

  1. Login to your Insight account, click the Home Icon in the upper right of the page, then click SMS in the dropdown

  2. In the Available SMS Plans table, click the Select button in the row of the plan you want

  3. In the Conform SMS Plan Selection pop-up, review your plan selection and pricing. If everything looks good, click the confirm and purchase button to complete your purchase. To cancel and return to the SMS plans page, click the grey x in the upper right of the pop-up or the cancel button.

  4. That's it! Your payment will process and you will recieve a confirmation. If you wish to change or modify your SMS plan at any time, you can navigate to Home Icon SMS SMS Settings