After you have purchased an SMS messaging (a.k.a. text messaging) plan, you can use it to send SMS messages to indvidual guests. This procuedure will walk through the process of sending an SMS message to a single guest. To send a group SMS message, see the How to Send an SMS Group Message article.

Note: a prerequisite for sending SMS messages to a guest is a contact phone number that supports SMS. For guests that have opt-ed in to recieve text messages, you can specify what numbers can use SMS messaging by editing the account's contact information.

  1. Login to Insight and access the guest account you want to send an SMS message to.

  2. From the guest account's homepage, click Contact Info

  3. Click send sms message

  4. Use the Phone Number dropdown to select the phone number the SMS message will be sent to

  5. Type your message in the Message box. Note: Messages must be 255 characters or less. We recommend sending messages of 160 characters or less (160 is the original SMS character limit, messages greater than 160 characters may be split into two messages).

  6. Click Send to send your message

That's it! Your message will be sent to the selected phone number. You can view historical SMS messages from within the guest account by scrolling down to SMS Messages on the account's homepage.