Setting Up Guest Guru On A Smart Device

Guest Guru allows you to create a simple way to allow guests to sign-up for a visit and capture their contact information for follow up. Guests that sign-up using Guest Guru will be added to Insight as a Guest Account. To review the guest sign-up process after Guest Guru is configured, see How To Complete Guest Sign-up Using Guest Guru.

To use Guest Guru, you need a smart device such as a computer, smart phone, or tablet.

This article will explain the process step-by-step process required to set up Guest Guru on a smart device.

  1. Sign into Gym Insight account, click on the Home Icon at the top of the page and select Settings from the drop-down menu.

  2. On the left menu of the Location Settings page, click Sales Guru.

  3. Click Setup Guest Guru
  4. If prompted, sign-in to your Insight account.

  5. Type in a unique descriptive name for your smart device, select your location from the dropdown, and click SAVE

The configuration is now complete. Now, customers can sign-in as guests using the smart device you configured.