Insight is fully integrated with Authorize.NET and configuring your Authorize.NET account with Insight is easy. We’ve prepared a step-by-step walk through for you below.

sign in to your account

Start by visiting the Authorize.NET website and logging into your Authorize.NET account (see picture above). account settings tab

Select the Account menu from the main menu options (see picture above). api and transaction key settingsClick on the API Login ID and Transaction Key link under the Security Settings heading in your Authorize.NET account settings (see picture above).

view api login and transaction key

If you have never retrieved your Authorize.NET API login and transaction key before, you may have to click on an additional button to request them for the first time. Each time we’ve created an Authorize.NET account, the API login and transaction key have already been issued so we believe that it’s normal to see a screen like the one above next.

You’ll notice that on the screen above you will get the first piece of information that you need. Copy down your API Login ID and remember that it’s case sensitive. In addition to the API Login ID, you will also need your Transaction Key. To view your transaction key, you’ll have to answer one of your previously configured secret questions and then click on the Submit button (see picture above). transaction key


After you’ve answered your secret question and clicked on the Submit button, you should now see your Transaction Key. Copy down your transaction key and remember that it’s also case sensitive (see picture above). Now that you have both your API Login ID and your API Transaction Key, you’re almost done. Next you just have to enter your login ID and transaction key into Insight.

Click on the location button (house icon), then click settings. Once you're in the setting menu, click on the Gateway tab:

insight gateway settings menu

Once you're on the payment gateway settings tab, click on the large new payment gateway button:

new payment gateway

Click on the new gateway button to start entering your payment gateway credentials.

Both your API Login ID and your Transaction Key in your Authorize.NET account have an exact corresponding box on the Insight payment gateway settings screen. Copy and paste your Authorize.NET API Login ID and Transaction Key into Insight and then click the update button:

enter your gateway credentials

Once you've entered your Authorize.NET payment gateway API settings into Insight and clicked on the update button, you will get a confirmation screen. 


Your member payments will automatically be processed every day against your Authorize.NET account. Now you can focus on running your business and let Insight worry about collecting payments from your members!