How To Create A Calendar Event (Basic)

Insight enables you to schedule, edit, and cancel classes, appointments, and other calendar events easily. Once you create a Class as a calendar event, your members can sign up to reserve a space. This article will walk through the process of creating a basic calendar event in Insight. For more advanced features, such as recurring events, see our How To Create A Calendar Event (Advanced) article.

  1. Login to Insight and click the Calendar Icon on the left side of the screenclick_calendar.png

  2. Click the plus + icon on the lower right of the screen.

  3. Use the radio buttons on the top of the pop-up to select Class or Appointment. Note: For our example, we will schedule a Class. Appointments are similar except they do NOT have a Capacity or Drop-in Rate and instead of an Instructor an Appointment has a Host.

  4. Type a title for your event in the Title field.

  5. Optional: Type your events location in the Location field

  6. Optional: In the Instructor field, begin typing the name of an instructor for the course to search existing applicable Insight users and select desired result.

  7. In the Start Date field, manually type a start date for the calendar event using the format MM/DD/YYYY (e.g. 07/04/2025 for July 4, 2025) OR click the Calendar icon to use the calendar pop-up widget to select a date.


  8. In the Start Time field, click the hour, minute, and am/pm values to set a time for your event.

  9. In the Length field, click the hour (h) and minute (m) to set the duration of your event.
  10. Optional: In the Capacity field type in a positive whole number or use the + and - icons to set a maximum capacity for the event. Note: Capacity values limit the maximum nuber of guests that can sign up for an event.

  11. Optional: In the Drop-in Rate field, type in a dollar value (e.g. 10.95 for $10.95 or 15.00 for $15.00) or use the + and - icons to set a drop-in rate guests will be charged for the event.

  12. Click Save to save your event.

That's it! Your event is now saved to the calendar and can be shared with members.