How To Create A Calendar Event (Advanced)

Insight enables you to schedule, edit, and cancel classes, appointments, and other calendar events easily. Once you create a Class as a calendar event, your members can sign up to reserve a space. This article will explain how to use advanced calendar features when creating an event. Advanced calendar event features and options include:

  • Adding an image to an event
  • Adding a description to an event
  • Enforcing capacity limits and enabling/disabling reservations for a Class
  • Making an event a recurring event

As many of the same concepts apply, we recommend reading How To Create Calendar Event (Basic) before reading this article.

Accessing MORE OPTIONS to use advanced calendar features

To configure advanced event options, you first need to access the MORE OPTIONS screen for your event. To access the MORE OPTIONS screen, follow the process below.

  1. Login to Insight and click the Calendar Icon on the left side of the screenclick_calendar.png

  2. Click the plus + icon on the lower right of the screen.

  3. Use the radio buttons on the top of the pop-up to select Class or Appointment. Note: For our example, we will schedule a Class. Appointments are similar except they do NOT have a Capacity or Drop-in Rate and instead of an Instructor an Appointment has a Host.


That's it! Now you will see the advanced calendar options for your event.


The required fields are the same as with basic event creation. The sections below focus on the advanced features.

Adding an image to a calendar event

Images are a great way to add a visual indicator of what your event is all about. There are two easy ways to add an image to your calendar event:

  • Drag-and-drop- Simply click and drag the image on your local computer then drop it in the Click or drag an image box within Insight.

  • Click and browse- Click into the Click or drag an image box and browse to the image you want to add.

That's it! Your image will be uploaded and you can continue configuring your calendar event.

Adding a description to an event

A description enables you to provide potential guests with more detail on your event. To add a description, simply type your description into the Description field. Description event.png

Enforcing capacity limits and enabling/disabling reservations for a Class

The Enforce Capacity? slider bar enables or disables enforced capacity for your event. With Enforce Capacity? enabled, once your event's Capacity limit is reached members can no longer pay to sign up for your event.

The Disable Reservations? slider bar enables or disables your members' ability to reserve a spot at the event. With Disable Reservations? enabled, members will NOT be able to reserve a spot at your event. 



Making an event a recurring event

If there will be more than one occurrence of your event (e.g. for a class that meets weekly), you can make your event a recurring event in Insight. The process below explains how to make an event a recurring event starting from the advanced calendar options screen.

  1. Click the Schedule tab on the upper right of the screen

  2. Disable the This is a one-time class slider by clicking it to move the slider bar to the left.

  3. Use the Repeat every, Repeat on, and Ends sections to set up the recurrance for your events. Below is an explaination of how each section works.
    • Repeat every:
      This section is where you define how often the event will occur. For example, a weekly event occurs every 1 weeks, a bi-weekly event occurs every 2 weeks, a daily event occurs every 1 days, and a bi-annual event occurs every 6 months.

    • Repeat on:
      This section is only applicable if you selected weeks in the Repeat Every section. Here, you simply select the days of the week you want the weekly event to occur on. You can select anywhere from 1 to 7 days. For example, if you want aweekly event to occur on every Tuesday and Friday, set Repeat Every to 1 weeks and select T and F in the Repeat on section.

    • Ends:
      This section defines when the event ends. After the end value specified, the event will no longer populate in the calendar. The supported values for Ends are:
      • Never- The event reocurrs perpetually
      • On- Defines a specific date the event ends
      • After _ Occurances- Defines a number of occurances after which the event will end

        Here is an example of an event configured to occur bi-weekly on Monday and Friday and end after 10 occurances:

That completes the configuration of event recurrance logic. Next, confirm all other required fields and any desired optional fields for your event are complete and click SAVE to save your event to the calendar.