How To Use Calendar Filters

Calendar filters allow you to display only select events on your calendar.  This article provides an overview of calendar filters to help you get started.

Accessing the calendar

To access your calendar, simply login to Insight and click the Calendar Icon on the left side of the screen


Filter categories

There are two categories of filters you can apply:

  • Type- Examples of event types include Appointments, Classes, and Personal Training sessions (coming soon). 
  • Assigned- The Assigned filter allows you to filter based on the Insight account associated with the event (e.g. a specific trainer)

Example 1: Filter based on type of calendar event

You can use the Type filter to display only events of a certain type. To use the Type filter, simply click the Type button on the upper left of the calendar.
type filter.png

Then, select the types of events you want to view and click OK. In our example, we will filter for Appointments.
type filter select.png

appmt filter apply.png

With the filter applied, now we only see calendar events with the Type of Appointment. If you want to clear a filter, simply click the X next to it.
filter is applied.png

Example 2: Filter based on Assigned

Filtering based on Assigned is similar to filtering based on Type. To filter based on Assigned, simply click the Assigned button in the upper left of the calendar, select the assignee(s) and click OK.
assigned filter.png
joe trainer display.png

Example 3: Combining filters

Combining filters is simple. All you need to do is select your first filter, then select your second filter. For example, if we wanted to find Appointments assigned to Joe Trainer we simply filter by Type for Appointments and by Assigned for Joe Trainer like in the example below.
type filter 2.png

assigned filter.png

joe trainer apptmt only.png