Gym Insight Is Right For You

Gym Insight Is Right For You

Can I Use Insight for My Business?

We have many different types of customers other than just gyms. Although the bulk of our customers are gyms, fitness centers, and fitness related businesses we also have the following types of business using Gym Insight: Adventure clubs Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Health organizations Hobbyist organizations Home owners associations Landscaping businesses Makerspaces Medical centers Membership organizations Swimming pool cleaners Swimming pools And the list seems to be g ... (more)

What Does Insight Cost?

Insight was started by a gym owner who was tired of getting scammed by his billing company. Although they would quote a monthly price plus a percentage for billing services, they were actually taking even more by forcing him to use their ridiculously priced merchant account (meaning that they were charging another 4-5% on top of their quoted monthly fee and percentage). It’s one of our core missions to make sure that that business model goes away. We’re doing our part providing abso ... (more)

Merchant Accounts 101

To the best of our knowledge, we are the only gym management software provider who is not an ISO (independent sales organization), or in layman’s terms middle man for merchant services. Furthermore, we don’t have any kickback arrangements with ISO’s or merchant service providers. The normal course of business for a gym billing provider is to either be an ISO (broker) or have a working relationship with one or more ISO’s for opening and processing payment card transactions ... (more)

Contact Us

Because we’re a relatively small business and we get a very high number of phone calls we prefer email. Our email address is: That said, sometime you just want to hear a human being and we totally understand that. Our toll free phone number is: (855) FOR-GYMS or 855-367-4967 It should also help to know that once you become an Insight customer not only will you have our email address and toll free number. But you’ll also have the personal cell phone numbe ... (more)