Navigating Insight

Navigating Insight


Tasks   Your Insight navigation bar (at the top of each screen) will always show the number of to-do items that need your attention. The red 1 next to Tasks in the picture below indicates that there is 1 item that needs your attention. If you take a look at the image below you’ll see that tasks are common member interactions such as: Delinquent account phone calls Happy birthday phone calls Expiring credit card phone calls Send accounts to collections In addit ... (more)

Getting Around

Getting Around   Every screen in Insight has a navigation bar at the top. You will use the navigation bar to get to any part of the program with one click! Here I’ll show you how to use the navigation bar and what it all means. First things first, the navigation bar is broken up into three parts: general links, location actions, and user actions. The picture below shows you which part is where: Under the general links section of the navigation bar, you will find sales, accounts ... (more)

Summary of User Types

Summary of User Types When you first sign into the program, you will see one of three screens depending on which type of user you’re logged in as. There are three primary user types: owner, manager, and personal trainer. The first screen below is the sales summary screen, it shows all of the sales for the day and it’s the first screen you would see if you log in as an owner: Next, if you are log into the program as a manager, the very first screen that you will see is the member ... (more)

Adding a Temporary Key

Adding a Temporary Key   If your club is using our 24-hour access system you probably already know how to add a new key to a member’s account. However, what if you want to assign a key to someone who’s not a member? We call those temporary keys. A few examples of when you would want to use a temporary key rather than adding a member and assigning them a key are: Temporary worker: a painter who will be painting your club for the next week Temporary member: a person who only ... (more)

Adding Another User

Adding Another User   Adding additional users is easy with Gym Insight (and not to mention free). We have three different levels of user access to choose from and each level has its own respective permissions: USER – A user level account is for personal trainers and front desk staff. This level of account can only view account information and personal training clients. The user level cannot add or update member account information so it is not sufficient for sales or club managem ... (more)

Cancel and Uncancel an Account

Cancel an Account Canceling an account will not delete the account. You can cancel an account and uncancel it later if needed. If you need to delete the account permanently, click here.   To cancel an account the first thing you need to do is search for the account that you want cancel. Once you are in the member’s account, you will click on the red cancel account button.   Now, you will see a simple form to fill out in order to cancel the account. You can choose to ca ... (more)

Changing Your Password

Changing Your Password   Changing your password frequently is very important for the security of your account. Coincidentally it’s also very easy to do. Start by clicking on the blue user button and then select Your settings from the drop down menu:   Once you’re on your user profile menu, click on the new password button.   Finally, enter your current password, then enter your new password, and confirm your password. Then, click change password! ... (more)

Changing Your Username

Changing Your Username   When you first create your Gym Insight account you are given the option to choose a username. If you don’t choose a username at signup, your username will default to the email address you used when you registered. You can change your username whenever you like which is certainly handy if you get tired of typing in your full email address or if your email address changes; here’s how. Start by clicking on the user button and then selecting Your settings ... (more)

Create A Punch Card

Create a Punch Card   A punch card allows you to sell and keep track of a service that you offer. A good example would be classes; if you offered a spin class you could use a punch card to sell 10 sessions (or any arbitrary number of sessions) of the spin class to your customer. Additionally, we also have the ability to create punch cards that have an unlimited number of sessions. A punch card with an unlimited number of sessions would be useful for tracking an add-on service that the cus ... (more)

Deleting An Account

Deleting an Account   Because deleting an account is potentially very destructive to your business we limit the ability to delete accounts to users who have the OWNER permission at the location where the account resides. To delete an account (you must be an OWNER) first search for and view the account. After you’ve found the account, simply scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click on the red delete account button.       After you’ve clicked on the ... (more)

How Do I Get My Members Into Insight?

All gym software companies have the ability to export your member data in a comma separated value (CSV) format. Typically you will need to put in a formal request with your current software provider letting them know of your intention to get a data export. Because no two companies export your member data in exactly the same format we will subsequently take the data exported by your former company and convert it into our format before finally importing all of your member data. For most of the maj ... (more)

How Do I Track Silver Sneakers Members?

In this video we show you how to set up and track your Silver Sneakers or other insurance reimbursement program members.     (more)

How to Get Signup Email Notices

How to Get Signup Email Notices   Most of our clients are using our online membership signup feature to sell memberships right from their website. It’s a great feature and a great feeling having new memberships already sold for the day when you first log in to Insight! Whenever someone signs up online you and your users can receive an optional email notification telling you that you just got a new membership and which package the new member paid for. Start by clicking on the home i ... (more)

How to Use Account Tags

Tags are a very powerful feature that give you the flexibility to segment your members into groups that make sense for your business. You can create a tag for anything that you’d like to keep track of in your business, for example: Silver & Fit memberships, executive memberships, promotional deals (such as Groupon or Living Socal), or anything else you can imagine that would make a good segment. For information on how to create tags, click on this link. Some of the reports specif ... (more)

Moving an Account to Collections

Moving an Account to Collections You may be presented with an account that has to be moved to collections. This is easily done with your Insight account. First search for the account that you need to move to collections. Once inside the account, click on the red move to collections button.   Next, you will enter the collection fee and the reason for the account moving to collections. Then, click the red move to collections button.   Now you will see that a message has popped ... (more)

Search and Find Your Members

  Search and Find Your Members   Start by clicking on Accounts from the general links portion of the Insight navigation bar. Once you’ve done that, you will see the search screen. You can find a member by simply typing a portion of their name (or a portion of any of the other search types). After you’ve typed in the full or partial search information, either press enter or click on the Search button. All matching results will appear right underneath the search box. ... (more)

Tag Accounts

Tag Accounts   Creating and tagging accounts is a powerful and flexible way for you to segment your members into categories that make sense for your business. To create new tags, start by navigating to the settings page. Once on the settings page, click on the Tags tab:   Click on Tags in Location Settings.   Enter a simple description for the new tag and then click the save button:   After you’ve created a new tag it will be available under the edit accou ... (more)

Uncancel a Member

Uncancel a Member   It’s very common for a formerly cancelled member to want to reactivate their membership. Perhaps it’s a spouse that stopped using your facility for a while but now wants to rejoin. With Gym Insight, reactivating a formerly cancelled member is easy! Follow these simple steps: Start by searching for the account of the cancelled member.     Next, scroll down to the Members section of the account overview screen and click the show cancelled memb ... (more)

Update a Member’s Join Date

Update a Member's Join Date Here’s the step-by-step process for changing a member’s joining date. Start by searching for the member that you would like to update. Once you’ve found the member to be updated, click on the edit button.   Once you’re on the edit member screen, simply click into the Joined date box, when you do a date picker will appear that will allow you to either pick a new joining date or manually type the joining date into the box. When you&r ... (more)