Payment Gateways

Payment Gateways

Step 1: Basic Gateway Setup

Before you can configure your payment gateway you must input more of your business contact and payment information. We call this upgrading to a premium account. We can’t start billing your members until we know more about your business. Following are the detailed instructions on how to upgrade your Insight account. If you’ve already taken the steps below, you can jump to the instructions on how to configure your specific payment gateway by selecting on the options to the right. ... (more)

Authorize.Net Gateway Configuration

Insight is fully integrated with Authorize.NET and configuring your Authorize.NET account with Insight is easy. We’ve prepared a step-by-step walk through for you below. Start by visiting the Authorize.NET website and logging into your Authorize.NET account (see picture above). Select the Account menu from the main menu options (see picture above). Click on the API Login ID and Transaction Key link under the Security Settings heading in your Authorize.NET account settings (see pictu ... (more)

PayPal Payments Pro

Please Note: PayPal Payments Pro is not the same as a regular PayPal account. A Payments Pro account is requires additional information and underwriting by PayPal. Please be sure that you have a PayPal Payment Pro account as a regular PayPal account will not work.   Insight will work seamlessly with PayPal once you’ve entered your PayPal Payments Pro API settings into your Insight payment gateway configuration. Getting your PayPal Payments Pro API credentials is slightly convoluted, ... (more)