Accounting and Billing

Accounting and Billing

Delinquency Rates

We define the delinquency rate as the number of your delinquent (past due) accounts divided by the total number of your recurring accounts (term and month-to-month) multiplied by 100. This gives you a quick and accurate way to determine if you are doing a good job at collecting membership dues. There are several reasons why a business might have a high delinquency rate. When the Target and Home Depot had the data on tens of millions of their customers’ credit cards stolen, we saw delinque ... (more)

Auto Renewal of Term Accounts

Auto Renewal of Term Accounts   Gym Insight makes it easy to automatically convert your term and prepaid accounts into open ended (paying monthly, weekly, or annually) accounts at the end of their term!   First, go to the account that you would like to automatically convert into an open ended account and click the edit button.     This will take you to the Account Information page. You will look at the Account Type section to the left of the page. Here is where you ... (more)

Print An Account Statement

Print an Account Statement   Need to print an account statement from a member’s account? No problem! It’s easy to do. First, make sure you are in the member’s account. You want to look at the Account Statement section of the member’s account.     Next, click print statement. That’s it! The member’s statement will print right to your printer. (more)

View Billing Activity

View Billing Activity   If you want to know what accounts were billed during a specific time frame you can easily see that information by running the Billing Activity report.   First, click on the home button and select “reports”.     This will take you to the Reports page. You will click on the Financial Reports tab.     Look for “Billing Activity” and click on view report.     Next, enter the dates of the timef ... (more)